Sunday, December 23, 2018

Perfectionism in Ignorance


I'm not sure what I wanted to write here. But after watching a few vloggers and bloggers, I am more territorial than EVER to protect my space! LOL  And to make sure that I am spiritually feeding myself ONLY things that I want to emulate. Like a Balanced meal. Yum.

Words are very powerful.

I will say that when I look at other peoples work feeling like I need to emulate or copy or even unintentionally copying someone. It KILLS my creativity and my de-values my uniq and only me-one-of a kindness by belittling or taking away my own chance to grow and become the person I was ment to be.

Even when out of politness, even or especially in person. I now know I have to politely but swiftly excuse myself for a short while or for 4 -EVER. 


People will do to you what they themselves are afraid of being done to them. I have to remind myself that just because I live by a certain code. I can't take myself too seriously. I give the respect that I want to be given in return.

I also refuse to live in fear.

That's why I'm going in HARD with my blogging and vlogging.


Crystal Nina Star 

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