Friday, May 8, 2020

Reality Show Life of a Christian Cosplayer

I'm writing my show. The Crystal Gem Peachy Podcast Dates Times.

My Hubby will DJ.  AKA KRASH

For my Birthday coming up in 2 weeks I will do a live. I'm celebrating ALLLL month long!

If you are on my Livejournal give me a shout!

We have if you are a producer, actor, cosplayer.

Join to support and grow our anime community.

By being Creators in Christ.

I want to become a licensed Cosmotologist.
I'm taking on clients for free to build my portfolio. Pay me what you feel your loo is worth after 100 clients I will charge my rates. <3___

I'm putting together a team for Overwatch. I had a BLAST playing D.Va. Our teamwork was flawless except when I got distracted trying to answer my Twitch followers. I'll get better at that I promise!

This is just the Beginning!  I'm focusing on the top for this month.

I have tones of secret projects I'm working on!

Very excited!!!


I never liked the word Weeboo when my friends used it now it's like a loving word! LOL